I teach at the University of New Hampshire (faculty page).

I am currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Ecological Research as Education Network (EREN).

I recently served as Secretary of the Communication & Engagement Section of the Ecological Society of America (bio).

Hettinger, Merkle, Schwarz, Bayer, Whalen, and Purrenhage(2019). Human Dimensions: Communication and Engagement, Where Ecology and Human Dimensions Meet. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, November 2019https://doi.org/10.1002/bes2.1641 

Earth Day Prayer Flags (UNH Campus, Thompson Hall in background), April 2017

Courses I currently teach at the University of New Hampshire:
  • LSA 401: Connect STEM – Scientific Research Immersion
  • NR 417: Sophomore Seminar in Wildlife & Conservation Biology
  • NR 435(H): Contemporary Conservation Issues & Environmental Awareness
  • NR 650: Principles of Conservation Biology
  • NR 740/840: Inventory & Monitoring of Ecological Communities
  • COMING SOON NR 508: Science Communication & Engagement